Thank you for viewing my website and having the courage to possibly embark on the path to the healing you are seeking through psychotherapy.  The relationship that develops between the psychotherapist and the client is very important.  One must feel safe, comfortable and understood to make it easier to express feelings, thoughts and emotions thus empowering you to use the therapeutic process in a most useful way.  I provide that safe place for you to talk freely and openly about the challenges in your life or as a family how your relationships can be changed and enriched.  

After earning my masters degree I worked at the Child Protection Center in Sarasota  for 7 years providing therapy to families and individuals who were sexually abused and sexually reactive children and their parents. My work experience as a therapist  also includes working with parents and children with attachment issues due to neglect, abuse, being placed into the foster system and adoption. For the last year I have embarked upon my own journey of private practice which includes individual, family and group therapy. Internet therapy via Skype is also available.

Psychotherapy helps people in a variety of ways.  They receive emotional support, understand feelings and needs, resolve conflicts, find new ways of effective communication and gain new perspectives to old problems.  Goals for therapy may be specific such as improved relationships or more general such as creating greater self-esteem or decreasing anxiety.  Goals are client driven and change during the process.  The length and success of psychotherapy depends upon the individual, the  family, and the complexity or severity of problems. 

Sheila D. Stiles, LCSW



Licensed Clinical Social Worker 
License No. and State: SW 12872 Florida

Certified Clinical Trauma Professional

Sex Offender Treatment Specialist

​Adoption Certificate


Family Conflict
Sexual Abuse/ Sexually Reactive Behavior

Self Awareness

Emotional Intelligence

Create Greater Empathy and Intimacy

Relationship Boundaries

Finding Greater Purpose and Meaning

Psychotherapy Issues:
Anger Management
Behavioral Issues
Child or Adolescent
Coping Skills

Life Coaching
Oppositional Defiance
Peer Relationships

Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD)
Self Esteem
Trauma / Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Women's Issues